About maritimephoto.com

Maritimephoto.com actually started in 1959 with our first image of the liberty AFROS (October 1959), now more then 55 year later we are a small family based team (father and son) and mostly photographing around the River Scheldt area. We changed from black&white to color in 1986 and after using a midformat Mamiya-645 for over 28 years we started fully-digital in March 2007. Negatives from our "analog" period are being digitized in-house as well as all post-processing.

Since our start in 1959 we photographed thousands of vessels, ranging from small inland vessels to the largest tankers. Either from shore, a boat, a crane-basket or an airplane. Always in for a challenge to get that one great shot. Several of these photo's found their way into the publishing circuits ranging from corporate websites to 9 square meter billboards. Take a look at the Media page for some of the publications.

New published photo's